My biggest problem with the lore

What's up, bros? Now, I'm sure you're expecting a whiny post talking about how the lore doesn't feel connected to the game or doesn't progress enough or missed the mark with your fav champ or blah blah blah, but no. No, this is about something that's been bugging me for months, even years, and I haven't head a soul mention it. An absolutely not-that-huge hole in the lore that just gets overlooked again and again. How the heck does Nasus know Xerath's name? It's not really a problem with the lore overall (which I adore fyi) but just with their lore specifically. This is mainly in regards to the Bloodline story, but it's a problem in the bios for Nasus and Renekton as well. They don't directly say Xerath's name in these, though, so I'm willing to just look at it as for clarity or some other shizzle. In Bloodline, though? Nasus directly says Xerath's name several times with no explanation given as to how he learned it. You learn in both Azir's and Xerath's bios that his name was a secret, so how??? "Maybe he announced it when he was freed, then!" you argue, but I digress. While that's possible, this is about Nasus knowing Xerath's name, and you know who wasn't present for that? Yup, Nasus. "Well, maybe it was when Xerath got appointed Azir's right hand man, then," you say. Yet again, I fight back. Even then, Xerath still wasn't technically freed (not 'til his "ascension"), and therefore his name still had to be kept secret. Unless Azir, like, changed that or something and the lore didn't bother to mention it. That's acceptable story-wise, I guess. Aight so this has been my callout post on the single hole I feel like pointing out in the lore. Are there more? Probably, but I'm just a Xerath main who wants my champ to have flawless lore so I can be proud of something since I can't land a single skillshot. (also i would've directly quoted stuff but it's late and i'm lazy) In conclusion, fix ur story rito {{sticker:sg-janna}}

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