This splash art is a work of art!

Hi everyone, I'm a summoner who has been here since a few seasons ago. Well today I was reborn with a new account (I got bored of the Main and wanted to start again). Today I am here to give my opinion about the new splash art of Demonic Tristana. I have seen the great evolution that the Riot art & music team has had and I have to admit that I am surprised how they have had that breakthrough in art. To be honest, what I love most about Riot is the team that is in charge of the illustrations. That way of demonstrating the identity of a character or skin is just amazing and although I'm not a tristana player (I've never liked being Adc, I've always been more of Mid & JG because I love being contributing something to the game) even so this splash art is among my favorites definitely Jennifer Wuestling is one of the best illustrators and I have to admit that she has some very good knowledge about Graphic Design that she gives them to notice in her works
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