Opinions on the new Darius comic *Spoilers*

Ok, so let me start with this: I hate playing as and against Darius. I'm not a Darius main and have no real attachment to him. However, I've got to say that the story of the comic they released today was a load of old toot. Seriously. Most of the artwork was nice even if Darius looked like an anime anti-hero in some of his panels, but I despise the writing of it. They tried to pull a Maleficent and create a story that suddenly makes this villainous but bad ass character understandable and deeper, only to make them boring instead. The Darius we know only has a short bio, but it speaks volumes. He was a tough as nails orphan who kept his brother alive, then rose to fame after decapitating his commander for cowardice then leading them himself. Now, how would you imagine this character? A lover? Calm and negotiable? Cradling his dead lover in his arms? The story we got isn't a backstory for a murderous soldier who sweeps through the battle with an indomitable will and desire to win. Hell, if anything the ending of this story is kind where a heartless character is meant to realise the follies of their past, not stay put on their course. Wouldn't it have been better if Darius began to fall in love, but his failure to win a battle cost said lover their life? Wouldn't that give a much more logical drive? Long story short, I feel there's a major lack of understanding of the type of character Darius is meant to be combined with an inconsistent character. The story we were given just doesn't fit him, though wiutht. If they want to make him deeper, explore more about why he identifies with Noxian philosophy beyond an old captain being like "Killing for Noxus is good". We don't even see their reaction or them joining the Noxian army. Again, I just want to say the artwork is fantastic at points, though I think it would suit a story about Demacia better. The artists clearly put a lot of time and effort into it. It's just a shame that in my opinion it was put towards something that going down the wrong road entirely. I'm sure the writer had their best intentions, but this just wasn't Darius.
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