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I would love to see Miss Fortune's in-game and VOs changed one day to more accurately reflect what she is like in the lore. Don't get me wrong, I love Miss Fortune, but I personally find her backstory and lore visuals so much more compelling than her in-game experience leads on. Her blatant sexuality is by no means a bad thing, and MF wouldn't feel like MF without having some kind of sex-appeal aspect to her, but I would certainly love to see more of the bad-ass pirate queen we see her as in the lore. The new Cinematic that was released today is a brilliant example of the strong, relentless woman she is, rather than the chesty-bimbo we see waddling around in game. I know that there are dozens of champions who are in more desperate need of change than her right now, but we can dream, can't we? P.S. I've gone ahead and attached some visuals in the link~
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