How do Ionian People say "Father" in their own language?

> “Emai. Fair. Svasa. Anar.” Riven continued the mantra, memorizing the words. “Erzai, son. Dyeda…” > “That's fa-ir,” a voice called out from the shadows of the forest. I am very confused, what is the correct pronunciation of this word, "Father" And, is it a common tongue or just a local dialect? But I guess it is a common tongue right? Because it mentions Riven learned the Ionian Common Tongue, and this word appears another time in Yi's new story. (_**Yi lives in Wuju, an small island, below the big north island, so I guess it should be the way of common tongue's pronunciation**_) But the thing is, Should I pronounce them the way we spell English: ** /feɘ/ for "fair"** and **/fæ: ɪɜ/ for fa-ir** ?? Or should I pronounce them as some latin languages (Italian and Spanish) : **/fa iɾ/ for "fair" ** and **/fa: iɾ/ for fa-ir **?? Hope rioters can resolve this big question if you can offer an IPA for these Ionian Words it would be grand !!{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} You know this "fair" has been translated in so many ways in different versions: In English and other latin alphabet-use languages, it is "fair" still, but in Japanese version, it is " fa i ru" In Mainland Chinese version, it is "yi bei" and "yin bei" for "fa-ir" (the corrected pronunciation by Yasuo), which is the most confusing one!! But, in Taiwan Chinese version, it is the same as "possible" English pronunciation: "feiye" for Fair, and "fa ye" for "fa-ir" In Korean version, it's 파이르 (pa i reu) (since in Korean there is no **"f"** sound) So, which one should be the closest one to understand the pronunciation of this word, **fa-ir**?
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