"They know so little of the world they traverse."

It's an uneventful rainy day today and unfortunately for everyone else I have enough free time to comprise this load of random trivia. I figured some people might appreciate this, if not perhaps it will be useful for map making hobbyists. Otherwise let me know if something is amiss, as this entire thing is a rough mock up and I was bound to make a few small mistakes. FYI constructing this through the boards was a painful process, I would recommend viewing from a computer screen rather than cellphone as the format change might've screwed with everything. :-P https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/7b/Runeterra_Crest.png/revision/latest?cb=20161117185203 # Valoran: >##[Demacia] The kingdom of Demacia is an insular country located in the west of Valoran, sharing its borders with Noxus & the Freljord. The currently known locations encompassing Demacia are: >- Castle Wrenwall      - High Silvermere - Pinara                       - Needlebrook - Edessa                     - Jandelle - Fossbarrow             - Uwendale - Lissus                      - Terbisia - Dawnhold                - Evenmoor - Velorus >- Greenfang Mountains      - Fields of Brashmore - Gates of Mourning           - Whiterock - Memorial Road                 - Alabaster Library - Serpentrion River             - Cloudwoods > ## [Noxus] The empire of Noxus is a nation centralized on the eastern coast of Valoran, encroaching it's borders with many other regions. All currently known locations within Noxus are: >- Basilich        - Drakengate - Ironwater     - Grannit - Fallgren        - Vindor - Rokrund       - Kilgrove - Urzeris (Shurima) - Bel'Zhun (Shurima) - Grannit (Shurima) - Andras (Demacia) - Delverhold >- Ironspike Mountains      - Drugne - Rugg         - Trevail           - Drekan - Northern Steppes      - Dalamor Plain - Rokrund Plain >## [Freljord] The unforgiving tundra of the Freljord sits atop the known world in the northern reaches of Valoran, sharing it's borders with Demacia and Noxus. Currently known locations are: - Frostguard Citadel          - Iceborn Fortress (ruins) - Raklestake            - Glaserport - Howling Abyss           - Lokfar - Frostheld        - Hearth-home (ruins) >## [Miscellaneous] - Silent Forrest        - Vaskasian Villages - Palclyff                   - Glorft (George Kristic?) - Stonewall              - Qualthala - Krexor                    - Holdrum   #Unidentified southern continent: >## [Shurima] The vast Shurima wastes makes up the majority of the southern continent. All currently known location are: >- Vekaura (ruins)         - Kenethet - Nashramae               - Kalamanda - Zuretta                      - Bai-Zhek - Saabara                    - Amakra - Zirima                       - Tejaru - Nerimazeth (Xerath's self-proclaimed capital) -  Icathia >- Fortress Siram (Ruins)     - Lake Imalli - Sai Khaleek       - Tomb of the Emperors - Oasis of the Dawn       - Mother of Life (river) - Crystal Scar   # Ionia: >##[Zhyun] The south-most province in Ionia >- Jyom Pass           - Kashuri Armories - Navori                  - Shon-Xan - Tuula prison        - Kinkou Monastry - Pallas        - Raikkon >##[Undisclosed locations] - Vlonqo                    - Tevasa Moutain - Lhradi Forest          - Ghetu (desert) - Nistaram Forest - Shojin                     - Hirana Academy - Epool River             - Omikayalan Grove - Puboe prison         - Bard Mountain If you're wondering why other important locations have not been mentioned here, it's deliberate. Basically there was either next to no information about any towns or landmarks within the region (Eg, Targon and Shadow Isles) or it hasn't been re-established after the retcon. Edit: Also feel free to ask for more details about any specific names and places, either I or someone else could possibly explain.
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