LeBlanc Design vs. Lore

(Hey my dudes, I haven't been on the boards in quite a while and I just started coming back, so if any Rioters' already made a response to this question[s], please do drop a link for me to check it out) With the newest LeBlanc story out, I've just sort of started to think about the large disconnect between how LeBlanc is presented in-game and in the lore. In the lore we see LeBlanc as this ancient, deceitful mastermind who has been toiling with the history of Noxus for centuries, but in-game she's sort of portrayed as this racy trickster/magician (and I mean rabbit out of a hat kind of magician). It just sort of feels like such a waste having LeBlanc be so well written, not just in her lore, but across a multitude of champions' lores, only to have her be portrayed as this risque party magician dressed in stripper-wear with a big staff. She's been mentioned in countless Noxian stories and champion bios in between lines, It just feels pretty disappointing reading about her on the universe and seeing who she actually is in-game, like wait- this is it? This is the Pale Woman? She honestly looks like she could use a bathrobe. Don't get me wrong, I can see clearly where they were trying to go with her design, but I just feel like the writers didn't adhere to that master-trickster/magician character archetype when they wrote her lore and the stories mentioning her. They've sort of written her as this ancient, archaic being acting as the puppeteer to Noxus' puppet, but she really doesn't look the part in terms of her design in-game. I honestly feel like they should either revise the lore or give her a visual update that adheres to the LeBlanc that's being portrayed in said lore. Any thoughts on this? I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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