Meowrick's Cats don't fit in the already established cat thematic set by Meowkai.

So these are Meowrick's cats: They're not as insanely adorable as Meowkai's, and the aesthetic is completely different. Where Meowkai's kittens have beady eyes and a very stylized look that makes it unique, and has been reused in emotes and in Moo Cow Alistar's recall, Meowrick's cats look strange and lifelike, like they're trying to apply a real cat image over his ghouls. It makes them come across very awkwardly, and doesn't fit the overall already-established cat themed aesthetic of the game. Can you guys at Riot fix the textures on Meowrick's cats to bring them in line with Meowkai's kittens that we know and love? Making them the orange tabby color is fine, and strong enough to differentiate them from Meowkai's gray kittens, so I don't think having their faces look similar or the bells on their head would or should run into game clarity issues. Edit: I wanted to add - Meowrick's cats kind of break the immersion in the game because their textures and appearances are trying to hard to be life like, that the absurd outfits and body shapes don't work, whereas a more cartoonized cat like Meowkai's offers more of that suspension of disbelief due to it's distance from life like appearance.
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