So we got Lux and Ezreal again in a big narrative skinline. Again.

I do realise they have to make money. But since Ezreal and Lux is already in Star Guardian, isn't it a bit lazy? Or to word it better, boring? We already have 2 of them interacting with each other in main universe with voice lines to each other, they interacted with each other in the second batch of star guardians, they interact with each other in that pajama guardian story. Now they make another, completely new skinline. Guess who the two leads are. Lux and Ezreal. Should we expect them everywhere from now on? Should we expect same champions being in the spotlight from now on since Riot seemed to drop on profit by around %50 last year? You'll get your money Riot but speaking for myself, am disappointed. It's getting boring and I don't want to look forward to any other big skinline if you'll increase things like this, again, speaking for myself. I hope I'm alone in this and people are happy with them but my guts are telling me I'm not.
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