@Reave Does the VFX & Run animation updates affect the VGU list?

Does it prolong the VGU/VgU of a certain champion? For example, Dr. Mundo received a VFX update, does it affect his VGU update in the future (like one DNA team picks him as a candidate(or really lock it as their candidate) then here comes VFX artist updating his skills. Since it got updated, would they proceed to VGU another champ and return to VGU him in a latter date, like a year later)? or VFX and Running animations are just band aids like Splash Art Update or Ability Icons update that doesn't affect the VGU of a certain champ. BTW, I hope future Ezreal VGU kinds of update/ VgU would receive a login theme and all emotes/icons must be updated to look like the X VgU champ. PS: I hope its blitzcrank but before that, update full VGUs first like morde,pant,mundo and fiddle.

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