That "leak" is fake. Confirmed by a rioter

I know a lot of people who are still talking about the leak, but I hate to be the barer of bad news but it was confirmed FAKE. Rioter beluga whale confirmed on the urgot mains reddit that the urgot leak is bullshit. (which means everything else also is) This was actually yesterday but a lot of people overlooked the post or didn't notice it. You can find the post in here: Unless he's trolling us (very doubtful) we shouldn't be expecting any of this to be real, and in urgot/evelynn case its just theorying off of the previous, actually legit leak. Although I want to say to riot, please consider some of these skin ideas. While there may be better themes for some of them like yorick, those program skins and secret boss viktor looked extremely enticing. EDIT: Reav3 also confirmed the eve part is a hoax as well and that a "wall stealth mechanic" would've been a lame concept entirely.
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