Most Badass champs of each role

What do u guys think are the most badass champions of each role in league? Lorewise of course Here are mine Top: Aatrox - everything from looks to quotes to his attitude it’s just fucking amazing how he literally screams at everyone he’s up against even though his rework wasn’t as good in his pre rework I still think he’s a well built champ Mid: Swain- honestly why wouldn’t he be the most badass mid laner out there, he’s a tactician, he’s cunning, and the way he talks, he screams big bad and villanous, just listening to his theme scares u the fact that he has power and authority is enough to make him (in my opinion) the most bad ass mage/ mid laner Jungle: Rengar- There are a lot of bad ass junglers out there, hell the role and most of the jungle roster is badass themselves, but I’d have to give it to rengar, he got abandoned by his own tribe because he was smaller than the rest of everyone, after getting abandoned by another hunter he met he was left to die and only had a knife so he manned up and survived the harsh wild with his instincts eventually rising up to the food chain like a fucking boss ADC: Kaisa- 100% kaisa she got kidnapped by the void at a very young age and SURVIVED like it’s the fucking void like how the hell do u survive that at such a young age and become well what she is now Support: Thresh- Ik a lot of u will probably say PYKE PYKE PYKE because ik that 100% ur probably a self proclaimed pyke main like srsly when did the whole community suddenly become a pyke main? Nah, thresh is the most badass he’s SADISTIC he traps ppl in eternal torture in the lantern of his, he thrives and enjoys on the endless torture of beings I read in his lore that he tortured a captured mage who had fast regeneration everyday in his past life with his hook scythe, everyday he would visit that poor mage and rip his skin out SLOWLY, thresh may not be an assasin but sure as hell he is more scary lore wise than any assasin in league
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