Mysteries of Shurima to explore in the future (ideas)

Hi! Everyone knows me also knows that I'm a pretty big Shurima, especially Xerath, fan. For this thread, I just wanted to list plots that Riot might and *should* explore when it is the right time. A reminder for Riot, and awareness for the readers, for those who might missed about them. Let's dive into it quickly. * As a Xerath fan, I obviously would go for the origin of his sarcophagus. That's such a mystery actually. That artifact was the only solution to stop Xerath in Fall of Shurima without sacrifice. It did quite good to be honest, possibly even saved Shurima continent, though it is *a little tiny bit* overwhelmed by power of Xerath. It is still impressive, not gonna lie. Such magic can limit Xerath for 3000 years, not even getting overheated (It is said in Bloodline his sarcophagus is actually cold, while everything he walks near melts and turns to ashes). The same artifact could imprison a being of eternal fire without getting shattered. This entity is also our second mystery. So... what is its origin? What is it made of? Is it targonian? Shuriman? Maybe even ixatocan? (I would trust on ixatocans to subdue a being of elemental magic). Dinopawz once said It might be made of targonian metals found around Mount Targon. Who made it? Why made it? Things like that yeah. * Our second mystery would be the being of eternal fire that ascended brothers were worried about. It is a mystery there isn't much to say since we lack information but for me this entity could be quite nice tool to explore plots and manipulations Xerath made before Fall of Shurima. A story including Xerath and this entity, sounds promising. My hypothesis would be this being could be one of shuriman old gods. * Old Gods of Shurima. There are too many to explore for Shurima that they are probably not even in priority but they are the backbones of Ancient Shurima ffs. If they ever go for Ancient Shurima (before Shurima Empire's rise), they are guaarented to be explored. So about them. For those don't know, they were in clash between in the Ascended, and as they are forgotten, it is possible most of them were eliminated by the Ascended. Who were they, why were they enemies of the Ascended are the questions. If you ask me, Rammus might be one of the few old gods which is left behind willingly due to benevolent attitudes (for a god, or compare to others). Also here corpse of an old god, which shurimans settled on: * Zuretta, person that claims she is descendant of Setaka, Warrior Queen of the Ascended Host. We have seen that before with Azir and the sun priest in Bloodline story which did not end well. It seems like a big deal for mortals to have bloodline of an ascended. Is it just status and arrogance or does it have something magical behind it, is the mystery. Zuretta is actually a whole mystery itself needs to be explored because you know: These pictures shouldn't be for nothing. * Tomb of the Emperors. Everything sounds cute and understandable, like no mystery at all, it is just a tomb for emperors and their big egos... But, when you think about the blood magic, resurrection of Azir, imprison of 2 potent Ascended, you notice this tomb is not anywhere near normal. It had a magic that 2 ascended couldn't escape at all for 3000 years. It requires blood of the emperors, and it doesn't give a damn about city destroying beings. You wonder why Tomb of the Emperors was prison that Nasus also thought was the only solution for Xerath permanently. Origin, I demand. There are other mysteries like Rise of Shurima, contact between targonians and shurimans, why did they give them power of Ascension, what is the relation between Aspects and the Ascended and things like that but I believe these questions might be answered in near future. I listed mysteries that are very likely to be ignored and gone unnoticed. Not saying these questions should be priorities, it is more of ideas to explore in the future, a reminder more than anything. I hope you enjoyed.
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