So Riot just hates Sejuani, right?

I don't even play Sejuani. I've also never really had a problem with League splash arts before. But in this splash, Sejuani doesn't even feel like part of the group of Beast Hunters. When I first saw the splash, I thought it was a pretty cool action shot. Tryndamere and Draven have finally spun their weapons fast enough to achieve flight, hanging in sweet action poses... and Sejuani is just... down there. Her flail somehow magically extended even though that's CLEARLY not the weapon she uses or how she even uses it. To be fair, if Riot had given any other champion this treatment, I'd still be nettled all the same. If Trynd or Draven were shoved off to the side, I'd be like wtf. Now, it wouldn't be so bad but... she's not even in a "cool action pose". She's just holding on to a chain... She's the champion who dashes in on a boar and smashes everything up! She should be beating down a beast with her flail... not using it as depicted in the splash. Not only is this an insult to the champion, but to the people who play her. Sejuani is an awesome character who literally gives no fucks. The whole point of the character is "peace is another word for weakness" so you can be damn sure she'd be beating the living hell out of something... but just holding it down for the two manly men to slice up. You see what I'm getting at here? If Brand was part of a splash and you shoved him in the back corner, I'd be absolutely fucking livid. Sejuani deserves the same respect and so do the people who play her. Another issue I have is her face. No real emotion, just a frown and that big ridiculous horn. Look at Draven and Trynd, they're having a hell of a time. She almost looks pissed about not being the one to be smashing the life out of whatever the hell they're attacking. I'm not trying to make this about "oh, woman aren't portrayed well in videogames" because I think that's bullshit. Do you see the two guys in this splash? By that logic, they aren't displayed well either. No, there's nothing wrong with an attractive VIDEO GAME CHARACTER. This isn't what I'm complaining about. I'm complaining about the sheer disrespect for Sejuani. She's almost part of the background of the splash when she should be the subject matter just like Trynd and Draaaven. Another splash I remember having issue with was Corsair Quinn, who happens to be one of my favorite champs... and she's just sitting on a box in the background. An example of a splash like this done right is the Academy splash. Each champion is displayed well and in their full glory. Ahri and her nine tails, Vlad and Ekko and their combined swag, and Darius bein' all badass. Ekko is obviously in the back, but he's clearly presented and not part of the background.
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