Upcoming Shonen Skin Line

We got told earlier this year that Riot will release a skin line which is inspired by shonen anime and we also got a picture related to that: https://news.mogul.gg/content/images/2019/01/League-of-Legends-Shounen.jpg It seems that there is some kind of event involved here and it includes different clubs (battle, engineer, sorcerer and assassination). There also was a badge for a "teacher", but I couldn't find a good picture with that in it, too. Now, looking at this picture, I had an idea how this entire skin line and event will turn out, but I would like to read the ideas of other people as well, so tell me what you think about it! _____________________ About my imagination: Maybe it is very unlikely, but I think it would be absolutely awesome if this skin line is referencing Assassination Classroom! One skin is dedicated to a monstrous teacher, in this universe a school put together a special class with the task to assassinate him. Best choice for this teacher would probably be Zac. {{champion:154}} He would reference Koro-Sensei the best of every champion in my opinion and outside of his worlds skin (which don't count for the schedule), he didn't receive a skin for quite some years. Then the students, each of them is the top performer of a club in the school and they got chosen to be in Zacs class because their abilities give them an advantage at killing their target. I could imagine the following picks for these clubs, I will mention 1 male and 1 female example each. **Battle** {{champion:86}} {{champion:92}} **Engineer** {{champion:126}} {{champion:61}} (Orianna could reference Ritsu, the AI in Assassination Classroom) **Sorcerer** {{champion:8}} {{champion:43}} **Assassination** {{champion:91}} {{champion:84}} Additionally, this event could give us a game mode. Some players have to battle the teacher, which is completely overpowers with skill upgrades just like Kayn was in Odyssey. The difference: Instead of fighting an NPC boss, one player in this game mode gets chosen to play the teacher! So basically it is asymmetric PvP, like in Evolve. One player plays something with immense power, while a small group of weaker players have the goal to take him down. ___________________________ As a future teacher myself, I would be absolutely euphoric if this turns out to be true. What do you guys think? Would it be awesome to fight a supernatural teacher as a bunch of high schoolers? Maybe you have an even better idea how all of this is going to turn out? **Share in the comments!!!**
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