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Zaun is a place of wondrous experimentation and vibrant, colorful life where anything can be achieved-but not without a cost. For all its boundless creativity, there is also waste, destruction, and suffering in the undercity, so pervasive that even the tools created to alleviate it cannot escape its corrosive grasp.Designed to remove the toxic waste claiming whole neighborhoods of Zaun, lumbering mechanical golems toiled in violently hazardous locations.
What it says in the title. Precious robot child got a new bio. I'm not a super big fan of their intelligence coming (seemingly) just from a stolen soulrock and not something they possess on their own, but I like the bit where Viktor is completely ready to go to bat for them. Speaking of "them", does Blitzcrank use "they" or "he" pronouns? The bio mostly uses "they" post-sapience, but also says "Blitzcrank proceeded to destroy the factory, _his_ lightning-wreathed fists not stopping..." Was that a typo or does Blitz use both?
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