Can Sylas use the magic stored in petricite freely, or did he just overcharge it with Lux?

We know that Lux is super OP in-lore, 'cuz she can bring Galio to life just by being near him. > [By the time she was ten, the girl’s warmth was so strong Galio could feel her approaching from a mile away, and would grow giddy with anticipation of her visit… Now, here she was again, even though it was not her normal visiting day. Her power burned so intensely it had spread like wildfire across his cold innards. She had brought him life!]( So when Sylas read Durand's notes on petricite, did he figure out how to get magical energy out of it at any time, or did he simply learn that he could overwhelm the petricite with a large enough source, which is what Lux was? Sylas's bio says this: > The work revealed the secrets of the stone to Sylas. It was the foundation of Demacia’s defenses against harmful sorcery, but he came to see that it did not suppress magic, but absorb it… And if the power was held within the petricite, Sylas wondered, could he release it…? All he needed was a source of magic. A source like Lux. So it implies that he needs a source, but he himself is also a source. Can he learn to channel his own energy, or will he continue to need a powerful third party? Sylas has the ability to absorb magic on his own and redirect it, is petricite a medium in which he can store this ability so he can release it at any time? Also, if petricite is just a medium for him, is he basically immune to it? Like, his "arcane sight" goes into the petricite, and then goes right back into his eyes? Your thoughts, hand 'em over. [](
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