Poppy Visual Update

I'm gonna start this discussion by saying that not a lot of people play Poppy. Now that may sound a bit untrue to some people who main her, are high enough rank that they don't really notice, or they see a lot of players who see her potential and use her, however to someone who recently got to silver this is very obvious. Especially in Normal non-ranked games Poppy is rarely played if ever. I think that one of the main things about this is her character design. I mean just look at it {{champion:78}} . A lot of newer players don't buy champions based off of their kit but off of their visual appearance. For someone like Jinx, Echo, and the like this is easy, but for someone like Poppy who hasn't had a visual update in months or years, almost no new people buy her, even if she's only 450ip. As you may well know most people main one of the first champions that they buy when they're below level 10. This makes it hard for many people to be introduced to Poppy. I'm not saying this just for people who might want to play her, I'm also saying it for people who might have to go against Poppy that would never want to try her kit. I don't mean to offend anyone by saying that they can't deal with facing champs you don't know. What i'm saying is that it would be a lot easier if you already knew what to do beforehand. This is why I am suggesting to Riot to give Poppy a visual update to allow newer players to see her potential. Please consider doing this update as I think it would help a lot

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