A Jax main's thoughts on Jax's background

Hey guys, my id is Skippèr and I have over 500k mastery points on {{champion:24}} . I always read about the big guy's lore and now have couple questions. 1.What race is {{champion:24}} ? At first I thought that he was just a human that was corrupted by void. (Based on his skin color). In lore None Shall Pass Jax said that > His robes were heavy, but the sun’s warmth didn’t reach the mottled and oddly hued skin beneath. No part of his flesh was visible, which was probably just as well. He wasn’t even sure what his skin looked like anymore. I always thought this was a hint to that he has been corrupted by void and decided to cover it for good, but riot did confirmed that's not true. [Here's the thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/72yyso95-first-account-of-jax-in-new-lore) And then there's been theory saying that {{champion:24}} is a sand troll, being almost the same species with {{champion:48}} , I can see the reasons why, for that they both have 3 fingers and they both have a purple-ish color of skin. Jax have purple but that could just be that he lives in a different place. {{champion:24}} 's real name, Saijax Cail-Rynx Kohari Icath’un gives us 2 more clue. Sai-Jax basically means "Sand Jax" in shruima language. and Icath'un was given to those warriors who was not born in Icathia but joined up later, which Icath'or being those who was born there. So we know that Jax's real name contains "sand" and he was not born in Icathia. Everything seems to match! However, in-game model shows that {{champion:24}} is smaller than {{champion:48}} .. Jax is always described as a giant in his lores, but his size in game is identical to {{champion:64}}, a human. On {{champion:24}} 's mighty jax skin, you can see the size of his armor is size XXXXXL. {{champion:48}} also has 3 toes, comparing to {{champion:24}} having only 2. People claimed to see {{champion:24}} 's face in his God Staff model and looks like a troll with 2 huge teeth, but God Staff and God Fist is resembling Buddhism culture, which Jax is wearing the mask of a demon-god in Buddhism. But, here's where all hell breaks lose. {{champion:24}}'s Jaximus skin, different to all his other skins, have his left arm exposed without any kind of cloth. And it's a human skin color. Not purple, but a little bit tan, typical of those who lived in the desert. Jax also have skin which contains heavy middle-east elements... But he still only have 3 fingers and 2 toes. I am calling Riot for help. Please explain :( 2.My opinion on {{champion:114}} vs {{champion:24}} Fiora is described as a duel specialist with no losses. Which is pretty damn scary if you think about it. Jax, on the otherhand is a ex-elite mage warrior who survived countless battle against shurima-god warriors, and lived since then. Based on the lore, that's centuries ago... And Jax has also a record of not losing any duel if he uses a real weapon. So Jax was able to 1v10 with a real weapon on battle field, while Fiora being specialized in a 1v1 fight. In melee duels, the one with longer reach weapon will have an advantage. Before Jax starts to use his not-so-trustworthy lamppost, his weapon was described as > He shifted the long, axe-headed polearm slung at his shoulder. The weapon was immense, its ebony haft carved with the names of his forebears, and the blade a slab of razor-edged bronze. Few of our group could even lift it, let along swing it, but Saijax was a master of weapons. And he chopped a god-warrior's head off with it. Just like {{champion:75}} and {{champion:58}} . So I would say that if Jax was allowed a real weapon, Jax would win in this fight. (In cinematic A New Dawn, you can see {{champion:122}} , who was known for his excellent combat skills on warfield, struggling to take down Jax, until {{champion:24}} 's lamppost broke and was hit by {{champion:111}} . 3.{{champion:145}} & {{champion:24}} ? Jax's current goal is to find someone who's worthy enough to stand beside him and fight void-creatures. When Kai'Sa was released I was so excited because I thought the big guy is about to find that worthy friend. Which Kai'Sa actually have a interaction with Jax!!!! > "A lamp's not gonna do it, Jax" OMG! IS KAI'SA WHO JAX been looking for? (I do believe that Jax will use a real weapon against void creatures though.) Calling Rioters! We need some explain
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