Something's still bugging me about Swain's VGU

Disclaimer; I love the new Swain, he's my fourth highest mastery champion and I think his Vo is THE best in the game. The VGU gave him a place within league's updated lore and he does fit better into Noxus. **That being said!** I'm still kinda sad that Swain lost his monstrous aspects as well as him being crippled. Back when the VGU was teased the phrase "The price of Ambition" really intrigued me and I expected Swain's VGU to actually deliver on that theme. But lo and behold, Swain's demonic pact doesn't really seem to have any drawbacks, at least not outwardly. His Demonic limb is functionally better than a regular one and he seems to be stronger then before. But maybe I just went in expecting more. I loved old Swain and something about his thematic, outwardly being regarded as a feeble cripple, but having this tremendous sorcerous power just hiding underneath his skin, was something I adored. (Courtesy of the lovely *ahem* Uncletouchylich, do NOT check that tumblr, it's not for the faint of heart) It's just something I wanted to talk about, especially seeing that I bloody adore monstrous champions and Swain's raven form made up a lot of his appeal. If you thought "Swain" you thought Birdmode and it having been lost through the VGU still pains me. While the reasoning behind that decision might be sound I still feel that there's a limit to how many things you can strip away from a champion during a VGU before they become completely unrecognizable from their prior self. In the end I just feel it's a case of lost potential, seeing that the Ravenform would've looked bloody amazing, and my friends and I always talked about how Northern front could be an Owl and Bilgewater a parrot. I like this new Swain a lot, but it's little things like that that still make me remember the old one fondly, because he was very unique in his own rights and some of that has now been lost forever, never to return to League of Legends.
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