Katarina got a short story (and I don't like it)

Don't get me wrong. Getting literally anything related to funkiest family in all of Runeterra is nothing short of a godsend for a massive Du Couteau household fan like me. And yet, I can't help but feel disappointed. It was obvious from the moment Riot updated Kat's bio, that she's not really going to follow down her dad's footsteps (mentality/worldview wise). To be fair, no normal person would try to fully mimic the teachings of a man who placed a death sentence on you. But still, for Kat to act so "smug" for the lack of a better word, towards her father's lessons seams like weird character trait. Her father's teachings most definitely weren't incorrect. We can easily deduce this by the fact that even after all that time, those teachings, the words of a man she most likely despises, still linger somewhere in the back of her mind, drilled into her head through years of constant training. And yet, in the moment of the upmost importance, when standing face to face with her target, of a "mark", she suddenly decides to no longer follow those lessons. In an almost childlike manner she figuratively raised her foot just to stomp it on the ground, yelling about how she presumably knows better. Did she succeed in her mission? Yes, most definitely. Does that mean that her way of doing things is straight up better than her father's? No, most definitely not. And yet, she clearly considers it as such. Like a spoiled brat who doesn't know any better. For Katarina to become such a cheeky kid, who thinks it knows everything better than everyone else, that I don't like about her new story. I highly appreciate it's existence. I'm just disappointed in the execution of it and the way Riot decided to shape Kat's character.
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