Some questions about Evelynn next Update

As we all know, our favorite _**smurf demon bdsm queen**_ also known as {{champion:28}} will have a big update ! As a loyal Eve main since I started League, I wanted to know some important changes you will make on her, because we usually talk about {{champion:6}} and the upcoming new Champs Kayn and Raast, but I prefer embracing agony you know, and ask you some ~~really~~ important questions on my favorite sexy jungler ! So let's start ! - First of all, Will Eve will keep her "Widowmaker" status or she have another ? - Will she also keep her hybrid mage status ? - Can we summon spikes out of nowhere in her future gameplay ? (This is a real important question for me) - Will she keep a spiky/huntress/SM/Dominatrix design ? - Does she have ap Ratios ? - Can Eve keep her teamfight ability with her ultimate ? And will she have ms bonus ? - Does {{champion:4}} will have a splash update on his tango skin which includes Eve on ? - Can we cross through walls, like the leaks tells us ? Or is it false ? - Can finally Eve be a real succubus, like the piece of art you showed us on your previous post ? - Will she still affiliate to the Shadow Isles ? - And FINALLY, will we throw games even if we are 30/6 with her ? And bcs she is useless in late game ? THANKS DEAR RIOT IF YOU ANSWER ME, It would be so nice, cauz a lot of people are asking questions, and you only talk about Urgot, I understand if some of these questions are really "too much". But I really need some questions to be answered even if it's a "YES" or a "NO" ! Kisses from someone who embraced agony <3
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