Why is Riot unwilling to increase the price of reworked skins?

Once again a rework gets released and our excitement and joy get tarnished by the realization that some skins could have looked way better if they had different vfx or a different recall. I've been thinking about the possible reasons for this recurring situation and I've come to the conclusion that it all probably boils down to profitability (if I'm mistaken, please correct me). Working under this assumption, I've come up with a possible solution that would be easy to implement and would satisfy both old and new customers alike: 1 - adjust the price of the reworked skins to match the current quality standards; 2 - if the skin isn't available in the shop because it was retired, remove it from the legacy vault and start selling it again (previous owners will receive a special legacy border). Obviously this is so simple that I'm almost certain someone at Riot has already thought about it. My question then is: why didn't they choose to go throught with it? Why is Riot unwilling to increase the price of reworked skins?

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