Small addition to the Darkin - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse theory

Short summary of the fan theory: The remaining Darkin are meant to be a reference to the [Four Horsemen]( The ones we have so far fit the bill: >{{champion:266}} - Represents War, carries a sword. > > {{champion:141}} - Represents Death, carries a scythe. > > {{champion:110}} - Represents Conquest/Pestilence, carries a bow. There are weak points in that theory, namely: * There are 5 Darkin but 4 Horsemen. How will this work out? * Varus' story involves conquest, he gets released during Noxian conquest and goes on to reclaim his rule over mortals. But other than that he is more about corruption than pestilence and seems to lack the blood magic that is innate to Rhaast and Aatrox. So my theory is: * Varus has a very close relationship with the female Darkin he refers to as his "sister". They might be actual siblings or a very good team. * This is why they represent the same horseman: Varus is Conquest and the Sister is Pestilence * They will also be a very viable botlane duo, meant to work together and as one, so he makes up for her lack of damage and she makes up for his lack of sustain/blood magic (I mean why did he go looking for her so soon after escaping, she must be very important to his plans)(I mean in his place I would go looking for Rhaast, he's also in Ionia and seems like a fun guy to be with if you're not mortal. Oh and he needs help dealing with that pesky edgy kid.) * This overlap raises a question about her weapon: will she bear a weapon similar to Varus or no weapon at all? Is she free or is she imprisoned in something that is primarily not used for fighting (e.g. a ring)? [Compare that to my previous thread about Lilith, especially this comment. ]( This theory just makes it more sensible since it is only natural she (Pestilence) taught the Crimson Reaper how to invoke the Hemoplague. PS My deepest thanks to Riot for giving me the opportunity to theorize about this. Nothing feels as good as being part of a living fandom.
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