@Riot Are any Characters in Warmother being considered to become Champions? [Minor Spoilers]

Now I know it's really early to make such a request but honestly I'd love to see Maalcrom as an in game support, a kind hearted person wielding dark powers, and just like Leona was a good female addition to tanks I feel like Maalcrom would be a good male addition to a primarily female role of enchanters. Honestly thus far he's probably my second favorite character in the entire comic so I'd love to know. Alternatively, I know there's a good chance that Grena wont make it all the way until the end of the story but I'd give the world to see this badass grandma in the game to kick ass as a dominant lane bully. her unique weapons and amazing dialog really make me want to see her in game. even her title of the Blizzard and the Lightning sounds so cool and has so much potential for abilities, like her auto attacks having a Tiamat like passive to make her auto attacks branch out around her target in a sweep of ice and snow coming from each sweeping attack of her mighty Axe. TL;DR I love these characters, their abilities and their personalities so I hope some I really hope they're being considered to be full fledged characters some day.

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