True Dmg skinline from best to worst?

Thats my personal opinion and you can share yours below: 1. Senna - the colour scheme and the outfit looks gorgeous and fits her very well 2. Ekko - really well done and ofc legendary tier the colour scheme here fits him very well even i am not a big fan of it. 3. Qiyana - that skin is a 50/50 for me. i think he fits the theme really well, but i dont like her outfit that much and especially her colour scheme looks not tasteful (that hair yikes) and i don't like her vfx's 4. Akali - looks kinda cool, like the colour scheme here but she already has KDA (?!) but yeah i get why they choose her. 5. Yasuo - totally unncessary. looks out of place, is less freaky and colourfull than the others and its Yasuo... (the last place is really personal: 6. Prestige Qiyana - WHY?! why her and why prestige at all?) ______________________________________________________________ overall i would give the skinline a solid 6 out of 10. What do you guys think about the skins?
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