Morgana and Kayle's 975 RP Skins are not up to standard.

Battleborn Kayle, Transcended Kayle, Exiled Morgana, and Sinful Succulence Morgana ALL use the base character recall, and with the exception of Exile, all use the base character particle effects. As 975 RP skins, they should have unique recalls and different VFX, as is part of the standard of their skin tier. This is especially noticeable compared to the only other 975 RP skins in the lot - Bewitching and Ghost Bride Morgana - that ARE up to the standard of their's pricing tier, since they have unique particles and a unique recall. So unless you're going to be dropping the price of these 4 skins, you NEED to bring them up to par. As you have them now, they're nothing more than super expensive 520RP/750RP skins. You took a step forward with updating the particles for Exiled, so now do that for ALL of them, and give them recalls befitting of their pricing tier. You should be doing the quality work to make your products worth their price, not ignoring it and selling a product that is not worth the cost. I understand they were originally released when there wasn't a lot of quality bound to pricing tiers, but times have changed, and you're still charging a lot for these skins while delivering to us a low quality product. Fix them. P.S. If I can point out one thing AT LEAST and get you guys at Riot to listen: Every single Cooking Masters skin has a new particle effect. Every. Single. One. This includes the THREE 750 RP ones - BBQ Leona, Butcher Olaf, and Sashimi Akali. If the THREE 750 RP skins can get a single particle change to make them silly for the Cooking Masters line, Sinful Succulence Morgana can get her particles changed to match her to the line. It's fucking criminal that she's been folded into that universe, and yet has nothing in her VFX that includes food or other effects. NEW DEVELOPMENT: I just read in a [thread from Sir Saltarin]( that Reav3 has acknowledged on Reddit that they will listen and adjust Aetherwing Kayle. Reav3: [Hey all, lots of great points brought up in this thread. With legendaries the amount of unique anims and how drastically they change can vary from Champion to Champion. With newer Champions they can sometimes have massive animation suites, so rather then give them 100% unique anims we just tweak the base ones. This was a approach we took for both Nightbringer Yasuo and and Dark Star Thresh since they were much newer Champions. New Kayle has a enormous animation suite, between 4 forms, enraged/non-enraged AAs, Melee/ranged AAs, High Attack Speed/Low Attack speed AA, so we had to chose carefully where to put the unique animations for Kayle. We ultimately chose to put the unique anims into her mechanical wings, which do have a new animation suite compared to base Kayle as we felt her mechanical wings are the most unique aspect of the skin. The Death anim is a good call out though and we will be adding a unique death anim to her soon, targeting next patch. We will also be adjusting AWs Auto attack SFX to match closer to old AW SFX. ]( Let's keep at is so these skins get attention too! They need a lot more work than they were giving, so they're much more deserving of being made worth their price point! Keep bugging them! New Update: Silver Kayle, Riot Kayle, and Judgment Kayle are getting particle updates. Riot, you're still not done! There are 3 more skins to update the particles for, and they still need unique recalls!
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