Dragon Dad, You Will Be Missed

Shyvana - Biography - Universe of League of Legends
Shyvana is a half-dragon with the magic of a fiery rune shard burning within her heart. Though she often appears humanoid, she can transform into a fearsome dragon at will. Unsure if she is fundamentally human or beast, Shyvana fights to master her powers as she shifts between two forms.The interminable mysteries of dragons confound and elude all theories.
It used to be the case that Shyvana's father was also a dragon, though one more virtuous than her mother. This dragon father fought to save her life at the moment of her hatching and raised Shyvana by himself. He taught her restraint and sacrificed his life to protect her from her mother Yvva. And now he's been retconned out of existence. It is with a heavy heart that I pay my respects to League's outright virtuous full dragon. He will be missed.

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