Du Couteau Timeline and Family Connections

Before we begin, I'll only touch Talon a little. But this whole post is kinda neccesary for my next post so if you're a only Talon interested fan, you may pass it. But I'd still recommend you to read because Talon will be really connected with how Du Couteau sisters play out. Let's begin. # Most Possible Timeline * 45-47 years ago: General Du Couteau is born. Soreana is probably born one or two years later. Boram Darkwill is in power or will be in power soon. General gets trained as an assassin, also as a soldier in his childhood and teenage days. Since General is the head of the family we can assume it was Soreana who swapped from her family to General's. General gets trained since his childhood like a tradition probably, which he does the same to Katarina. * 28-29 years ago: Soreana and General Du Couteau makes a political marriage with the request of their parents. General is 17-20 years old and Soreana is 15-18. Such early age marryings were common in medieval ages and I think this is the case for Noxus as well. * 27 years ago: Katarina is born. * 24 years ago: Cassiopeia is born. Katarina's training beings at an unspecified year by General Du Couteau, it can be very early ages or around 6-8. > So it was that Katarina’s childhood—if it can be called such—had little room for kindness or rest. Katarina and Cassiopeia mostly stays at the main mansion with their mother while General is out for wars and battles these years. * 17 years ago: General Du Couteau becomes a hero of Noxian expedition into Shurima. General became a general sometime before this expedition because he's referred as general in the Cassiopeia's bio. General is 28-32 years old. > A hero of Noxus’ expansion into Shurima, General Du Couteau * 16 years and 4 months ago: He sents for his family. It's this late because of the "eventually" in the quote below. But this could've happened 16 years and 10 months before too. > A hero of Noxus’ expansion into Shurima, General Du Couteau eventually sent for his family, installing them close to the governor of the coastal city of Urzeris. * 16 years ago: Du Couteau family arrives and settles at Urzeris. Following the comment above, this date can be 16 years and 6 months ago. From this time until he leaves for Ionia, General settles at Urzeris with his family. Probably defends and secures Urzeris. Since he's an assassin, he could be leading investigations and spy missions to Shurima's more inward cities on empire's command. He is said to have many pupils, so he also uses this time to train his students. Of course, Katarina at most. > He was a harsh teacher with many pupils, and notoriously difficult to impress. * 13 years and 6 months ago: Soreana gets poisoned by her hairbrush. General dispatches all the house staff, investigates who poisoned Soreana. Cassiopeia age is 10.5 because of the quote below. > Still little more than a child, Cassiopeia never left her mother’s bedside. While Soreana’s recovery took many months, the bond between them became stronger than ever before. Also, the gap is 2.5 years because of this bit in Cassiopeia's bio: > As she grew, Cassiopeia could not help but glimpse other, hidden concerns within Soreana, beyond those of the empire… * 13 years ago: General is recalled to Noxus to prepare for the long-awaited invasion of Ionia. It is long awaited because of Darkwill's aggressive policies and Ionia was not touched yet. He is called one year before the war because he's a general, he'll be in the process of planning, scheming and scouting. Takes Katarina with him. Katarina is 14 years old, Cassiopeia is 11 years old now. Soreana begins her real work, converting Cassiopeia to Black Rose. * 12 years ago: Ionia Invasion begins. It is unclear if General took Katarina with him to Ionia, he may have left her in the former house of Du Couteau. Which she would be perfecting her skills herself as noted in her bio. It is also possible this was why Katarina failed his father at her first mission, she grew her own vision in solitude. Instead of being shaped by General always, she was left alone in long periods of time when General had gone to wars and battles. > So it was that Katarina’s childhood—if it can be called such—had little room for kindness or rest. She spent every waking moment honing herself into the ultimate weapon, testing her endurance, her dexterity, her tolerance for pain. She stole poisons from the city’s least reputable apothecaries, testing their efficacy in tiny increments upon herself, gradually building her resistance even as she catalogued their effects. She scaled the tallest towers in the dead of night, unseen by anyone. * 10 years ago: Battle of Placidium. Swain is now an outcast because of his military failure and is out of the Ionia war. * 9 years ago: Chemical attack on Ionia and retreat of Darius and Quiletta. Darius goes to Freljord. Cassiopeia is initiated into Black Rose with the cover of taking down the ones responsible for mother's assassination attempt. She's 15 years old here. Though she had barely reached the cusp of womanhood, she was initiated into the Black Rose by hunting down and eliminating those who had sought the death of her mother. She surprised even Soreana with her speed and efficiency, and left no trace of her activities—or her proxies—behind. * 8 years ago: In or before this year General Du Couteau gets called back because of Darkwill wanting to fight on many fronts. Katarina fails the first mission given to her and is disgraced and still is in the present day as noted in her color story. Katarina is 18-19 years old at her first mission. > “Well, this is disappointing,” she drawls. “If all the Trifarix has to throw at me is a disgraced assassin, then they must be desperate.” From this point it is possible General is looking for a replacement of Katarina as she suspects in her bio. This will be Talon, not one of his current pupils. General will have to pursue and find Talon. The problem is we don't know what General does after the Ionia Invasion. Talon's birthdate is unclear but it is most possible that Katarina is one or two years older than him. > She knew she had lost her father’s favor, and could never regain it. He would raise others in her place, simply to spite her. Sometime around this Cassiopeia's real work began with Sivir. > Only then was Cassiopeia made privy to the cabal’s broader plan for Shurima. Using her family’s tremendous resources, she undertook a number of expeditions into the deep desert, raiding ancient ruins with the help of a local mercenary named Sivir. * 7 years ago: Swain takes Darkwill down with the support of Draven. General Du Couteau honors this coup with numerous other noble families for unknown reasons. Soreana is disgusted by this betrayal and is now in rush in the fear of all Black Rose members being in jeopardy. She sends Cassiopeia to seek godlike power that was the key to Shurima's supremacy in the past. Cassiopeia betrays Sivir in the tomb and transforms at the age of 17. The bio only speaks of how Cassiopeia felt after her transformation and a few weeks, so it's unclear what happened in 7 years after this event. Current time: Katarina is working for the Trifarix and Swain. Talon and Cassiopeia's fates are unknown. And with timeline in place let's get in the detail of what happened in Katarina and Cassiopeia's history and their connections with their parents. --------- # _***~~KATARINA~~***_ The first born of Du Couteau family. She was raised as an assassin from the beginning of her life at the hands of General Du Couteau. She couldn't rest or play, the empire needed her. That was what she was told or what she thought herself. It was neccesary for the good of the empire. I think being a child, it was just to make her father proud at first. She just wanted to make her happy and for him to love her. But in time this view has changed, she grew. Years passed, with or without his father's gaze upon her. But after so many years of training, it was finally time. It was time to make use of her skills. But when her mission was given, she couldn't believe it. After so many years, she would kill a whelp? This would be Katarina's downfall. This was where Katarina had gone wrong. Katarina was sure even before she failed her mission, that her duties were not to herself or her family. It was to Noxus. She repeats it to herself at the end of her bio. General had raised him as a true patriot. Maybe too much of a patriot than he intended. > She knew she had lost her father’s favor, and could never regain it. He would raise others in her place, simply to spite her. Still, she vowed to redeem herself, no matter the cost—to rededicate her talents to the empire, and to become the sinister weapon she always intended to be. See how her goal is not to gain her father's favor anymore. She is sure she lost that chance forever. It is to reedem herself to the empire. And become useful to the empire. But this conflict is not done just yet. This will be a part of her character progression and with her family connections. It was questioned even before her bio was updated with Urgot with his taunt against her: > ***Where do your loyalties lie? I will bury you next to them.*** He's asking her if her loyalties lie to Noxus itself, or to her family and General Du Couteau. Though the thing is there is something really complicated going on and we can't answer it with the current clues we have. Here's the thing, General Du Couteau supports Swain's coup. But as said by Swain's soul fragment interaction with Katarina: > He asked her to do what she could not, to kill me. He asks Katarina to kill Swain at one point despite him supporting him when he overthrows Darkwill. This makes him seem like a Black Rose member but Soreana was relieved after he left for Ionia war that she was no longer under the watchful eye of him. So, General is not with Black Rose. He's not with Swain after some point and even orders his death. I don't know the reason, but I think General ordered Katarina to kill Swain, promising that she would forgive her and she'd no longer be disgraced. Katarina obeys her father, for the last time, because Swain talks her out of what she came for. Swain promises Katarina what she yierned for her entire life, working for the empire while making a name for herself. Gives Katarina a chance to clear her name. Something that her father ashamed and disgraced her for. > I flick blood off my blades and stare down the soldiers before me. Fear is as powerful a weapon as any dagger. Let them see. Let the rumors spread. I am far more than a mere instrument of death. > ***I am the true will of Noxus.*** But, I'm really unsure about this next thing, before this happens something has to trigger General into ordering such a thing. This is what Urgot speaks about in his taunt against Katarina. But this line can easily be uncanon, since it was before the 2017. It can be this, or maybe General might have thought Swain would be better than Darkwill but has seen he's no better than him. So he thinks he has to get rid of him, my question is why doesn't he do it himself? > I hope your father begged when Swain betrayed him. But with what General did, there must be consequences. There are many possibilities... But I think General will still be disappearing randomly in the new lore too. The nobles will think it was Swain. They'll think Swain got rid of him quickly because of what he did. > Do they know who killed your father, or do they still blame me? But while Katarina may not care for his lost or dead father, someone indeed does... ------------ #**_*~~CASSIOPEIA~~*_** Cassiopeia too was born into a life of possibility and privilege but unlike Katarina she was not limited. She lived it fully, until that day came. Cassiopeia was always more like her mother. And since Soreana didn't leave them unlike General, Cassiopeia was always with her mother. Soreana couldn't give her daughter what she wanted to give at these times because Cassiopeia was too young and General was watching over them every second. After they moved to Shurima and as Cassiopeia grew more and more each day, Soreana started preparing her daughter with subtle hints. > As she grew, Cassiopeia could not help but glimpse other, hidden concerns within Soreana, beyond those of the empire… After Soreana was poisoned by her hairbrush and all house staff was removed, Cassiopeia only got more closer to her mother and never left her in these hard times while General probably searched for the responsible people. > Still little more than a child, Cassiopeia never left her mother’s bedside. While Soreana’s recovery took many months, the bond between them became stronger than ever before. But after General was called for Ionia, Soreana could finally teach her daughter without hiding from anything. She could lay down everything about Black Rose and since Cassiopeia trusted and loved her mother she of course obliged. Soreana taught her daughter everything and watched as she blossomed into a deadly and cunning woman. She was already in Black Rose stuff at a very young age and was doing everything what her mother tasked her to do with extreme presicion. And this would lead her to becoming what she is now, but she never blames her mother for it or the Black Rose. She wants to use this power as her mother and herself wants. [As said by Interlocutioner in this link](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/QIpXYirp?comment=0009) Cassiopeia is no longer the child of who left for Ionia war all those years ago. She was always a lot like her mother, but she had her father's gaze upon her too. Now, it's all Soreana and Black Rose. She was barely the child of General Du Couteau back then, nothing remains now. Cassiopeia is completely disconnected from her father and sister. Just like how Katarina is her father's daughter, Cassiopeia is completely her mother's daughter. A family, split in two with a clear cut. But there is one who walks between... ------------- #Conclusion for the Du Couteau Sisters... For now Disregarding the last 7 years because we have no idea what happened, Katarina and Cassiopeia never really had time to be "sisters". When General was present Katarina was probably working hard and even harder with herself when he wasn't around. Cassiopeia always sticked to her mother and I doubt she ever got to play with Katarina in their earlier years except maybe when they were really small, but Katarina's training should already start by then. So, as much as I hate to admit it... There isn't much connection between two halves of the Du Couteau family. The moment General leaves for Ionia and takes Katarina with her seals everything. And since Cassiopeia's bio doesn't mention, it seems General or Katarina didn't return to Urzeris in that time period. If they were to return after Swain's coup, they'd meet with transformed Cassiopeia and General would uncover the whole Rose from there. And the fact that travelling from Noxus Prime to Urzeris takes around 1 or 2 months at least doesn't help. So, two sides of the Du Couteau family is mostly disconnected with each other. Mother side is completely loyal to Black Rose, while father side is complete patriots. Something changes within General probably after Swain takes over, but we don't know the exact reason. You may ask where is the third child? Where is Talon? Why don't Katarina or Cassiopeia even mention him..? --------------- #_*~~TALON~~*_ Sorry if I kept you waiting for him but as I said at the top of this post, I won't be talking about him in this post especially. My idea for Talon was the main reason I started this thread and since Talon has no real character and is outdated it will be completely speculation, and my dream to be honest. As I said he has no character. We only see his point of view in his league judgement. Everywhere else, even in his quote in the universe, is spoken by other people. He was always covered in shadows and there is just one bit that we see current time's Talon's point of view in this dialogue from his judgement: -------- Kavyn spoke, but the voice was not his own: "Why do you want to join the League, Talon?" "For General Du Couteau," Talon said. The sewer chamber began to fade to darkness around them. Talon felt the weight of his bladed cloak returning to his shoulders, the illusion shattered. "My search has led me here."* "You fight for yourself," said the summoner imitating Kavyn's form. "You have no allies. You kill to survive, yet you follow at this vanished General's heels like a dog on a leash. Why?" Talon tried to wrench his arm away, yet he found himself paralyzed not by the summoner's physical strength but by some magical intervention. "I am in his debt. The General spared my life..." "Is your debt not paid? After you spilled the blood of the boy called Kavyn, you swore allegiance to no one. You killed without remorse, and while you killed for Du Couteau until the day he vanished, you may now have freedom if you wish it. Why do you want to join the League, Talon?" "You misunderstand," Talon hissed. "In the slums of Noxus I killed to survive. Under Du Couteau I killed in his name, but my life was my own. Now--I am nothing, yet I still have my blades. What other purpose can my blades serve?" "How does it feel, exposing your mind?" The summoner released him. Talon grasped his cloak and vanished into the dark, leaving the Reflecting Chamber in utter silence. The summoner glanced back and forth, scowling, and stiffened when Talon's blade appeared at his throat. "Unpleasant," Talon growled into his ear. "Necessary." And he was gone. ------------- But as a sneak peak, I think as I gave you how Du Couteau family acts here, Talon will be the perfect middle. The perfect balance. He is not with Swain or Black Rose. We don't know what General did, but since he's not with Swain and never was with Rose, I think General will pick up Talon after Katarina's late failure and as time passes and his vision changes too, he will teach Talon according to that. And will do no mistakes this time. He'll watch over him, and since Talon was already pretty old the moment he took him he can take him everywhere he goes. But this is it for this post. Take care guys, hopefully I'll post this one last Talon characterization post. It will feature: * Around 250 quotes I wrote and gathered. * A color story that will make you understand my choice for Talon's character. * And a lot of reasons to defend my new take on Talon's character and how to make him a unique character in the cast of league and assassins. REAL assassins I mean. So, see you soon!
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