Qiyana's design is probably the most boring design I've seen so far for a champion

For my past 5-ish years of playing this game, most of the champions in the game (either released or reworked) have some sort of design that, in some way, gets my attention or interests me. Qiyana is probably the first that absolutely fails that. Nothing about her design interests me or grabs my attention. If anything, I actually feel her design is out of place. For a sheer moment when her splash was revealed, I though she looked like a mobile MOBA hero. That's what she looks like to me (or a prom queen that many people have been bringing up, which is also quite accurate). She's suppose to be a champion that from the jungle, or from this new faction in the jungle, but she doesn't feel that way. Yes, the faction could be fairly advance in Runeterra but I was thinking more like a developing tribe still, maybe have more of a Mayan/Aztec feel. Here, right now, I don't really believe that. Her dress just feels too fancy and clean, her headdress is almost generic, and the hair...just throws everything off! I don't know why but she feels really, REALLY ODD with that hairstyle (IMO). I'm fine with the choice of weapon, cause it does seem interesting and I could buy that, but everything else just makes me go ---> -_- why? I don't know if Riot could delay her for a while to go back and redesign her a bit but considering the reveal of her that is a possibility that I know is not going to happen.
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