Dragon Trainer Skins are Lovely Fluffiness, or Are They?

The Dragon Trainer skins are a wonderful, light-hearted addition to League’s lore gestalt. Breaking the mold from the usual serious, high-powered, epic, gritty, fantasy tropes that populate much of Runeterra, the Dragon Trainer skins are about celebrating playfulness, caring, and dare I say it, cuteness. Dragon Trainer Lulu and Pix have a strong partnership, supporting each other and watching each other’s backs. Pix may be sent on missions, but he always returns to Lulu’s side. Dragon Trainer Tristana spends the entire game cuddling Riggle, tickling the little dragon to elicit fireballs on command. Most of the time Tristana carries Riggle to spare the little guy’s tiny feet, but when the duo need to make tracks Riggle will let her catch a ride on his wings. And when they dance together they are absolutely adorable. Dragon Trainer Hemerdinger abandons newly hatched dragons to fight for him. _<<wait a minute…>>_ When that’s not sufficient he throws unhatched eggs at his enemies. _<<what is going on here?!>>_ The juvenile dragon queen Pythagoras helps Heimerdinger out of what I can only ascribe to a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome, either that or the adult dragons from which he gets his disposable munitions are held hostage against Pythagoras’ good behavior. Yes, truly Heimerdinger and his draconic friends embody the very essence of the Dragon Trainer line’s wholesome, family-friendly quintessence. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I can’t be the only person who thinks that Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is more accurately styled as Draconic Infanticide Heimerdinger, can I? At least with the Dragonslayer, Dragon Master, and Dragon Sorceress skins their villainy is out there in the open, but the Heimer skin is horrifying.

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