We need Unmask Skins/Any Skins removing the mask of some champs even if 520rp

Like the title!! Please riot We need unmask skins for {{champion:202}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} please, i want to see their face so badly even liss, i hate her headgear lol i want one without it (maybe make a human version of her like elsa and call it Snow Queen/Snow Bride). Or any skins that shows their face like the new OS veigar skin. And 1 unmask skin is enough BONUS: We also need to see Unhooded head/mouth champs like {{champion:90}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:91}} . Talon because i hate his hair in dragon blade, in short, i hate long haired boys :)
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