Runeterra has SIX different apocalypse events

The Darkin {{champion:266}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:110}} The Void {{champion:31}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:161}} The Frozen Watchers {{champion:127}} Xerath beating the other Acended {{champion:101}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} The Shadow Isles {{champion:60}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:412}} And Ryze at any point failing in his mission to hide/destroy the runes {{champion:13}} This was originally about Mordekaiser and the Shadow Isles being ignored by Riot and over shadowed by the Void and the Darkin, who Riot seems to be infinitely more invested in lorewise. But honestly you guys need to chill about destroying/enslaving the world.
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