Made an alternate league universe based on the battlecast storyline.

Legends of Runeterra Warning this is long, very long Also, the first post got around 1k views so if you've seen this before or recognize it. This is the second one since I took out the dumb shit and added in a few new things Heroes: Sam: As a boy, he was a farmer from Ionia. But two years after Viktor and the crimson sky he was taken and forced to work as a coal miner in new Noxus. Until he was freed during the transfer on the seas. The resistance freed him. He now allies with them Jinx: Criminal turned resistance hero. Jinx is one of the 10 legends left alive today(not including monsters from the shadow Isles or celestial beings), that's not to say she hasn’t been hurt though. She has had multiple wounds requiring her to replace limbs with mechanical parts...But she also a bit crazy. Ava: Daughter to Xayah and Rakan. She was just a child when the crimson sky was unleashed, forcing her to watch her parents and friends die. She is part of the resistance and is one of the last living Vastaya alive today. Illaoi: A failed experiment by Viktor. Illaoi was once a prisoner and tortured beyond belief. She did however eventually escape with the help of an old friend named Jarvan IV. She now leads the resistance. She now seeks to take back Runeterra and destroy Viktor our of justice..or revenge.. VI: Another legend left alive after the crimson sky. Vi has kept her strong determination and has joined the resistance. She has killed and destroyed the most bots out of everyone in the resistance and probably the world. Atreus: Atreus has suffered quite possibly more than anyone. After the crimson sky ripped the aspect of war out of him and made him become mortal again. Atreus was wounded. However, the crown that bound Aurelion Sol was also destroyed when the crimson sky was activated. Aurelion obliterated Targon beyond repair. Atrues found Illaoi while she was liberating a Shuriman village, and decided to join them. Caitlyn: Former sheriff of piltover, she was away from Piltover at the time and returned to find it under siege. She is one of Illaoi’s earliest recruits and is an expert sniper. Villians: The Crimson Sky: The crimson sky was released by creator Viktor after the faction wars. The crimson sky was a biological weapon that dampened and destroyed almost all magic on Runeterra. Instantly killing all spirits and demons, as well as most of the Vastaya since they fed off magic. Some factions like the northern parts or Freljord and also the shadow Isles were unaffected as their magic was simply too pure or dark to destroy. Creator Viktor: Invented by Singed after he found the original legend also named Viktor destroyed in a ruin. This one grew off and became intelligent. Seeing magic as a plague and the world too peaceful, he believes conflict is how we get stronger and that machinery can do better than magic in every way. So he killed singed, bombed piltover and became its ruler. He also created the Crimson Sky. He now rules over almost all of Runterra with a few exceptions. Jarvan: Jarvan IV was the king of Demacia until Viktor led his army to take Demacia by force, as a result of the battle which ended in the lives of millions lost Jarvan was captured and was put under experiments by Viktor, however, he broke out by force but was recaptured after helping Illaoi escape. He was brainwashed(like all the other generals and leaders of Viktors Empire) and now serves as Viktors personal bodyguard. Illaoi doesn’t know he’s alive and believes him dead, however. Grand Generals(second highest rank next to the creator, have authority over all lower ranks) Darius: First grand general. Darius rules over almost all of New Noxus and New Demacia Aatrox: Rules over all of Shurima and has business in Freljord as well Gangplank: Rules over all of the seas. Lives in Bilgewater, brutal and unforgiving. Interestingly enough though Gangplank’s memories weren’t wiped out when he was experimented on. Admirals: Xin Zhao Master Yi Rhaast Sion Yasuo(Killed during the failed siege of Ionia by Irelia) Fiddlesticks Captains: Renekton Nasus Jax Diana(Presumed dead) Camille Graves(Was the first graves unit but would later be copied upon) Evelynn(has the rank of captain but in reality acts as a sort of bounty hunter, can change her form into anyone at will) (P.S: Ascended beings were not killed by the crimson sky as the magic was already well within them to be destroyed, Darkin who were all trapped in weapons were freed and most are now in their true forms as bots or ranks) Bots: Kog maw bots( Primary artillery units) Lucian units(Police force) Graves units(Primary Military units) Malzahar units(Primary factory and creators of bots workers) Urgot Units( Horrifying army killers, armed with rockets and 2 arm guns that can destroy ships) ChoGath Units( Were small at first but are as massive as 20 feet now have arm lasers and sonic booms able to make normal people deaf for days) Jhin Units( Elite sniper units capable of shooting as far as 3 km, rarely seen or used though) Shyvana units( Fully dragons now, can destroy armies as THEY'RE DRAGONS) Anivia units 1( Bombers and orbital strikers) Anivia Units 2( Can carry around a dozen troops for transport, can also transport goods and anything else) Xerath Units( Artillery units able to send out powerful volts of electricity) Nocturn units(Torture bots, able to bring out your worst fears and nightmares) Velkoz units( Reconnaissance units, can scan for even the tiniest atoms in one place, can also go camouflage if needed) Reksai units: Sonar units for underwater patrol, can detect movement within a 2 km diameter) Fizz Units(Primary units for underwater battles, intelligent and can summon sharks) Nami Units( Terrors of the deep, mainly used by Gangplank to torture and kill, nothing like the legend Nami, merciless and no emotion) Nautilus units( Giant underwater tanks, can be as big as ships, but rare as they’re extremely hard to make) Ziggs units(bomb users) In progress units Skarner bots Keep in mind that if a champion has not yet been mentioned as a hero, bot, or general then they most likely died fighting against Viktor, or were picked off along his rule or simply found hiding, or were killed after being captive as a failed bot as Viktor wanted to turn all legends into his own personal army. But there are some exceptions on what happened to some legends. Garen: Died at the hands of Grand General Aatrox in the siege on New Demacia Singed: Killed by Viktor 5 days before the Crimson Sky was unleashed. Ekko: Cut in half by grand general Darius when he tried to get refugees from Zaun out of the city. Riven: During the failed siege on Ionia was dueled by Admiral Yasuo and killed. Kayn: When The Crimson Sky was unleashed. Kayn’s scythe was destroyed and Rhaasts true form was revealed. He easily killed Kayn. Ryze: Tried to assassinate Viktor around a year after the Crimson Sky, but considering his magic was gone he wasn’t very good. He was killed by Jarvan IV and thrown off of the top of Viktors palace. 10 Remaining Legends(without shadow Isles or celestials) Jinx(resistance) Illaoi(resistance) Caitlyn(resistance) Irelia(Leader Of Ionia, currently fighting an everlasting war) Vi(resistance) Zed(Was a general to Viktor but after a failed mission he decided to defect and now lives in hiding on the northern islands of Ionia, presumed dead and doesn’t have the shadow technique) Syndra(Prisoner in a prison on Bilgewater, no one knows she’s Syndra though, she goes by Sheila to most) Rengar(Continues to hunt in the Kamooku jungle and is one of the last Vastaya alive) Ashe(Although Viktor has most or Frelijord, Ashe leads a small resistance way off the map up north beyond Frelijord) Gragas. Presumed dead and was rescued on the same ship as Sam. Joined the resistance and hasn’t changed 1 bit. The fate of all Factions Piltover: Bombed by Viktor. Camille was sent to try and kill him but failed and was locked up, became one of his first captain in his army. He became Piltover's 1 man ruler. Zaun: Fell shortly after piltover, Warwick was torn to shreds by Urgot when he got released. Then Urgot died and was experimented on later. Killed most of Zaun's inhabitants including Zac, Ekko, and all the chembarons. It's now mostly a wasteland or prison Shurima: Captain Eve disguised herself as a beautiful woman and got the attention of Azir. Later that night she killed him in his sleep. From there she let the whole army of Viktor’s straight into Shurima and it was taken over, Renekton and Nasus(after getting along) fought 1v2 vs Viktor but failed and were subjected to torture and became captains. Shurima is now a big capital city for trade and Noxus: Was taken with a full-scale invasion by Aatrox, he killed Darius at the gates of Noxus’s Immortal Bastion and Darius would later become a Grand General. Several legends fell here including Swain who took his own life on the top of the immortal Bastion. Demacia: Demacia was offered a surrender by Viktor and his forces but Demacia wouldn’t back down. He destroyed Demacia with a full-scale invasion led by all the grand generals. King Jarvan IV was taken to prison and would later become Viktor’s personal bodyguard. Viktor saw it as Irony that the king would serve. Blidgewater: Gangplank pledged allegiance to Viktor and Viktor chose to spare Bilgewater destruction. Gangplank was however taken in and became a Grand General. But he kept his memories of his past self. The Battle Of Ionia: Sometime before the battle of Ionia, Yasuo was taken captive and became a high ranking member. With all the grand generals and every high ranking member in attendance for the battle. Ionia fought one of the biggest and most brutal wars in the history of Runeterra. However, while a lot of Ionia was destroyed and many legends who lived in that faction died. Including Akali, Karma, Kennen, and everyone except Irelia. The battle was Viktors first loss ever and Ionia remains as a standing faction. Keep in mind this was after the crimson sky, so most of the legends in this battle had their powers were taken away, such as Karma and Kennen. Irelia now leads Ionia even though she got her dance technique taken away by the crimson sky. Frelijord: Most of Frelijord was taken in small battles, including the battle where Admiral Zhao killed Sejuani and Lissandra. However, some Survived and live in further up north than frelijord Targon: Burned to ashes by Aurelion sol, he quite literally dropped a mountain on Targon. Few remain to tell the tale. The Shadow Isles: unaffected by the crimson sky. The curse and magic in there are simply too dark and the crimson sky doesn’t even show. It affected just a little, however. The harrowing no longer looms over Bildgewater as the magic in the shadow Isles is contained. Viktor has sent countless units to try and change that but it’s no use, he even sacrificed one of his Captains Diana but she never returned. Every champion that originated in the shadow Isles is still alive. (P.s This all took place in the span of 24 years, it's been 24 years since the Crimson Sky) (P.s.s All the celestials like Bard and Soraka are still alive BUT they have no hope of ever helping as the crimson sky prevents the stars to be seen even in the darkest nights. Mortals believed they have abandoned them) If you would like to see anything removed or added or even clarified. I will definitely help out with that. This was a shit ton of fun to make and imagine.
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