How I think Karma's story should have been executed

Now, I just want to preemptively let everyone know I'm more or less "okay" with Karma's newfound lore, but as I look at the complaints and reception, I think the presentation of how the lore was given could have been done... less obtuse. What I mean is, if all the information was presented slightly differently. For example, if Karma recieved a color story along with her bio. Her backstory, should have ended when it mentioned that Darha is now back at the monastery learning her new role and acting as current Karma. I say this because at the very least, what we'd get is the following: Karma is a spiritualist connected to the lands, she is a spiritual leader, she promotes peace and harmony, she must be pretty powerful to be held to such a high standard. What happened to the ship could have been everything done in the Color Story. Why? Because we'll get Darha's argument against the Karma soulmind's pacifism to where it is agreed upon that "Force must be used" which most of everyone agrees makes Karma, well...karma. In the color story, we will get her personality, the mindset behind the peaceful thought patterns and the "incident" which caused the ancestor spirits to go silent. Darma's sudden realization that there are no voices would pull us into her newfound conflict and dilemma. The way it ends would be a small timeskip where she gets one voice back, and she then understood the "Enlightenment" necessary to get them back. We can more easily digest the backstory of the Karma we got (which can still be under scrutiny, but not as highly) and the Karma that the story will be working with: Darma who is trying to reclaim the connection with her old soul and find her path. HER PATH! Which means we would more easily be told or glimpse that she is in fact searching for the Third Path. Instead we were given an entirety of the background where the Third Path would be the progression of her story, but it was either too vague or not readily implied would actually occur. Just my 2 cents and a half penny.
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