I don't like Zoe

I love Ivern's playstyle but hate his personality and everything else. Zoe seems like a young Ivern that just is fun-loving but where is the character in that? I guess she is going to be another Lux or something. Play style seems really weird as well because they said she was gonna be a burst mage but she is high mobility kiting? She looks complex at first but also looks pretty dull once you learn it like every new champion Rito has released. One thing that is off-putting is how happy she is although she is killing people. Annie, Ivern, Lulu, Lux, and Taliyah differ cause. Annie is actually violent and dark lol, Ivern isn't even that aggressive but understands life and death is natural, Lulu was Fae so everything is different for her, Lux is super happy bubbly but voices her very present discomfort of having to fight, Taliyah is kinda like Lux but has less problems with being violent I think from her voice lines and her confidence in fighting people. Zoe is lame at first glance but maybe her story legitimizes her actions.
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