New pantheon skins and recall animations.

Posted the same exact thing in the eune boards too, dunno if it was necessary to do it here, but anyways. (Champions & Gameplay) 1. In Glaive warrior skin, his splash art shows a short beard, but in the game he has the same face in all the other skins (except for full metal) , I just wanted to request a change for that in the skin and a different hairstyle, a bit more like leonidas from the 300. 2. In Dragon slayer skin, his recall animations don't look nice when he reaches spawn, he does his recall and when he spawns you see the same recall animations as in the rest of the skins, it just doesn't look nice to see him leave from the recall animation with both his helmet and his shield and then see him in spawn without a helmet and a without shield. 3. In Baker skin the same happens as in the dragon slayer skin. Really take graves as an example, he has all different beards and hairstyles in his skins. These are the skins I would love to play in and it would be nice if you saw a little bit of variation from skin to skin, not to mention that in 6 skins the animations are the same, and without the full metal you see the same face across all skins. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}(I only own baker pantheon though, when time comes I hope I get more :D)
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