What part of the map did Aurelion Sol chuck at star at?

> > Trees splinter. Rivers evaporate. The mountain walls of the valley crumble in smoky avalanches. The tireless laborers erecting their Sun Disc, the soldiers taking the hill, the stargazers, the worshipers, the terrified, the doomsday prophets, the hopeless, the rising kings... all those who beheld the streaking comet with selfish eyes witness the ensuing supernova as an early dawn. Across this pitiful globe, my radiance turns darkest night to blinding day. What fictions will they conjure to explain this phenomenon? > > > > Even my Targonian masters have rarely witnessed such a display of my power. Certainly,** no terrestrial world has ever born scars as severe as what is left of that once-verdant valley**. When I am finished, nothing remains. > > > > In the glowing aftermath of my carnage, the smoldering once-mountains** collapse into the molten rubble streams** now flowing through the valley. **This is the scar I have left upon this world.** > Would really like the Lore team or the universe page to tell us where this at. This looks like a bigger BOOM than the Rune war explosion. Bioluminescence[,](https://i.pinimg.com/564x/27/1c/8c/271c8ccd7598f820c86106953da80ceb.jpg) i summon thee, tell us where this cataclysm took place.

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