Happy to see a better Pantheon

So If you know anything about he, it's that I loved Targon... old Targon. And when the new one rolled around I... didn't handle it well. Why? because Leona became a zealot. Diana had become... basicly a puppet. And Pantheon? A Space body-jacker who took over a better character like a meat-suit. I was a fan of all of these characters (Pantheon carried me to level thirty before everything else.) but... well... needless to say I was not happy. So, forwards flash when I tried to get back into league I saw the New Pantheon and... Well I don't know why he's called Pantheon but he's automatically far better then before if for the simple reason he's his own person now. And well... wanting to fight the aspects is a Good thing, considering we Have Zoe, the girl who sees nothing wrong with wiping out a small town, or Diana, who can't control herself and is a puppet to the 'moon' aspect. So when I came back I bought him and I'll probably try to main him as best I can.. Also, some things I think need to be improved as well for the Other, original Three {{champion:89}}: Tone down the Zealotry... a lot. Part of what made the original conflict between her and Diana interesting is that Leona was the embodiment of the positive parts of the Solari Faith... which is kind of weird given their newish (It could be inferred beforehand) Solari being religious tyrants. There's more you can do with a well-rounded faith with positives, divisions and the like, then as "CURSH THE HERETICS!" like She was. without that it's just Diana being the good guy against the Evil Leona. Now if you take her out of that place where she would kill Diana for being a heretic it's both more understandable she'd hunt her but doesn't look like she's going to kill her for heresy, but for being (As far as Leona knows) a Murderer of old people, and thus the drive for justice is understandable and it keeps Leona as someone who can be kind, but willing to do what she needs... and it makes more sense the aspect would give her greater context, which will remove the... implication Pantheon brought in that the hosts are meat-puppets. {{champion:131}}: Okay, so new Diana... interestingly enough doesn't... do much? I mean if anythign maybe the Solari are merciful considering the implication is she constantly challenged them (Or maybe she was too stupid to actually challenge them so they laughed her off). So to fix this... well I'd have her be the quiet kid in the temple who slowly, after a lifetime of work... pieces together the truth of the Lunari before going out and looking for them. This is mostly because it would be her own work; in her current story the aspect seems to have planned her ENTIRE LIFE out, from before she was even born... (And Aspect!Pantheon did nothing to help the idea she was raised to be a puppet). Plus it makes Diana as a smart enough to put it together, which is an interesting character trait for a woman who will become a heretic. That scene will be reworked as well. plot hooks would be set up once she brings in her proof; at this point she'd still be Solarian, but trying to tie the moon into the religion... but at the same time the Lunari talk... freaks them out, and they order her executed. This can be because they want to keep power, or something more sinister... and the Moon empowers her, she kills them in self defense (Might keep the Torture and the Scars from Iron Stylus's art, but I always found it a bit excessive when you could just kill her, but I assume they wanted her to repent.) And we have her in a similar state, and ready to be hunted... with the possibilities out for it... {{champion:44}}: Honestly there's not much I would change. Maybe his short story instead of fighting over the last of a flower (because if it's the last of it's kind it's probably already spread it's genes and such so the aspect should make him do something more important) to instead a field of flowers that, later on in time, would grow to make a cure against a plague of somekind. more understandable basicly, and helpful. {{champion:136}} Ah I love this guy; he also hates the aspects! Really, I wouldn't change much, but if I could drop the aspects... well, i'd keep him the same but he'd be more laid back and be painting his stars across the galaxy, protecting them when needed. {{champion:142}}: Zoe is...interesting in all the wrong ways. In her short story she blows up a town and doesn't care. Her Bio... well she's a kid you know? SO it makes sense the Lunari would be annoyed with her and her playfulness.. until she's chosen by the aspect; Basicly she's far from home, her people are dead... and uh.. she's not really wise or grown, it's like she's still a child... there's two ways to see this; The Aspect keeps her from thinking too hard or she's genuinely mentally... wrong. Now the intention is to have her be this whimsical fun character... but well her actions and her backstory paint her as... something else. Now I would change this eagerly; keep her fun aspects but make sure she's more.. responsible and not killing people. And that's it... While I doubt their gonna bother to alter Targon or change anything... i'm happy at least Atreus Is back ; he's a better direction and a sign of... hope for Targon I didn't have before...
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