I made a Kayle edit that likely constitutes the least amount of work necessary to fix her armor

Whipped out my mediocre paint.net skills and did this in about 10 minutes. Changelog: - Added more armor plates to torso. This is a texture change that eliminates the deadly stomach spike. - Added belt. This is a texture change that makes the other changes look better. - Added tabard. This is a model change that would likely take some time to add in-game, due to the requirement for cloth animation. It's probably about the same scale of work as Aatrox's banner wings, meaning it could take up to a few weeks to implement a change like this. However, it was surprisingly easy to edit in and make it mesh decently with her armor. That's it. And two of the changes could be implemented in a few hours of texture work. EDIT: V2. https://i.imgur.com/PWcEcZl.png Changelog: - Added purple to tabard. - Made tabard less greenish and better shaded. - Fixed chest a bit.

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