Looks like Snowdown is Cancelled for This Year

RiotAether's comment from discussion "Winter themed Summoner's Rift"
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https://twitter.com/KenAdamsNSA/status/1197262167835213824 Since the new Elemental arena has just been released, Riot hasn't been able to modify it for the Snowdown arena yet in time for the event. They want to make sure the rift works good in its base form first before modifying it, so instead, we're going to have some sort of Night vs Day event that will probably take place in the Versus universe (?). Given what was said on Reddit, I'd imagine that Snowdown will come back next year once all the main bugs have been squashed and the interface has been smoothened enough for the Rift to be modified properly. I definitely get why they made this decision, and I would rather they be honest and do something different instead of giving us a half-baked Snowdown, but even still... I'm a bit sad. I was looking forward to hopefully seeing Snow Day Lee Sin in some kickass snowpants and ski goggles. {{sticker:cass-cry}} Maybe next year.

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