finally being able to try out kayle and her various skins

it's still horrible, pretty much all her skins show the focus is on her hourglass figure now, now matter how they ''texture'' it around her abdomen it's skin tight and even when it's supposed to look like armor it looks weird because it's literally skin tight so the armor seems to move and bend as she moves/breaths. only 3 skins for kayle I do not own on all the others she does not keep her helmet on any time, again, massively disappointing, even battleborn kayle who I was expecting to be armored isn't, she looks like she's wearing a corset as ''protection'' for her abdomen. tried out riot kayle as well which look bad as the police insignia on her chest is getting clipped through by her moving shoulder pads. did I miss anything or is there like no kayle skin where she actually looks armored anymore?
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