Valiant Sword Riven First Impression Feedback

First Impressions on Valiant Sword Riven
I want to hear your opinions on VS Riven (prestige or non prestige) below in comments! My time with her on pbe is limited as this is day one, however I have a few things I like and do not like.
The link provided is to a r/rivenmains post I have submitted on a more riven-centric board and community for a more in depth look into my opinion on pros and cons of the upcoming Valiant Riven skin. On this board I would like to summarize these and hopefully get considered by the art team for in game skin changes as the splash to my knowledge is not publicly available or ready for pbe implementation. **Pros:** Color theme and overall art style of the skin is great (not talking about Prestige edition as all prestige editions follow same color suit). Sound design is great and satisfying to use all abilities, another ability with the same satisfying audio feedback for using or casting it is empowered Viktor W hitting multiple units. New particle animations are great, hopefully they don't break on an update and get ditched like Jayce's. Windslash's animation is my favorite by far of any of the riven skins, no questions asked. **Cons:** I will talk about two things in cons BOTH of which are art related. 1. Riven's recall with this skin on the way down from completing the recall has the swords fall from the sky and diverge above her head to not collide with her unit frame at about a 45 degree angle or less, then flatten out parallel to the ground and disappear. I have two issues with the choices here. The swords are flat, almost as if they were made of paper. Secondly the swords bending is an issue, they are swords, yes blades bend a bit but that is not the kind of bending I am talking about. If someone from Riot is reading, slow down the swords falling and look at these 4 swords angle's. I have two ideas: either make more of an effort at allowing them to smoothly flatten to be parallel to the ground and disappear OR have the swords drop and plunge into the ground and disappear more quickly after stopping in the ground so they do not look wonky when riven inputs a movement command and the swords move with her (think the Kayle ulti animation, just smaller with less swords). 2. This is my main complaint which I have had concerns expressed to me by other Riven players. Her Ult Sword sucks. Plain and simple. Lore wise: Doesn't fit the theme of rebuilding a broken blade. Art Wise: Doesn't add to the existing blade at all, in fact the model completely removes the base sword from her hand which can be seen visually when the pink-purple glow effect allows you to see through it. The rest of the skin was intricately created for the armor and particles and the Ult Sword looks super lazy and poorly put together, a good comparison is if any of your art staff is also a WoW player. Transmogrification sets that are using hi-resolution and intricate textured armor, typically the rest of the items you change their appearance of will also follow this trend to make the set feel like it all fits together. In this case, everything other than the weapon, which is an rpg element's key point for a skin named after the sword, is super low texture. The resolution of the blade is just fine as indicated by how cleanly the fading and morphing for the pink-purple shifting is, BUT the lack of a core to the sword feels like Riven isn't swinging anything with weight, she is taking away from the oomph of the hits visually. The color choice and in fact the animation is not my complaint, it is the texture done to the sword. I realize that this is sorta late into skin development to give this kind of feedback, but as a player with over half a million points on the champion this is the earliest I can give feedback (1 day). One thing that I could also recommend if you want to make the skin more interesting with the pink-purple blade is changing the aoe leaf animations around Riven cherry blossoms. I do really like the skin, but for me the sword's feel and silhouette means a lot for me as a player. i.e. Championship Riven reminds me of the Fume Knight Ultra Greatsword (Fume Ultra Greatsword) from the Dark Souls 2 & 3, Redeemed Riven sword has the arced edge making it feel like it cuts etc. you probably get the idea at this point. I do not want to have an experience where when I hit my ultimate, what should feel like a pivotal part of the champion's gameplay identity and be disappointed and upset. This unlike the Gun Goddess MF skin isn't about the cost in RP for me, but rather the quality of the skin overall and clashing of art elements and quality when designing products, art wise I would say the ulted sword should have been one of the most important parts of the job and it just feels like a failure of the art team, which admittedly doesn't happen very often. Thanks for reading if you made it this far, and to any Rioters who happen across this post please consider the changes and the current iterations of the two art mechanics I mentioned.
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