VS Teaser by LOL China

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a26c1d0f6e1f53e25e9d4a29194754e4513415420f5b69af17ace5b70c960fba.jpg "Unparalleled arrogance and short-sighted confrontation, the momentum is in full swing. The proud Lion is in the world and will live forever; Crazy Wolf is bloodthirsty and will never stop." (The Middle characters translates to VS. Then the translater is guessing it Rengar and WW but we don't know for sure yet https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8pujnv/a_teaser_from_chinese_lol_official_account/e0e5x0p ) https://www.toutiao.com/a1602811709440004/
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