MF discussion: what does the community want in an Ulti Skin?

So I'm already seeing a lot of complaints about this skin, and it already reminds me of the Ultimate Udyr skin. I'm sure Riot has put in a *ton* of work for this, so I'd like to get a thread going that focuses on *constructive* feedback about the skin. Here are some prompts to give an example of what I mean: What's the thing that every Ultimate Skin needs? What could Riot do to this one to make you want to buy it? What should they consider in the direction for their next Ultimate Skin? Why is transforming mid-game not as compelling with MF as it was with Elementalist Lux? I feel that, if you're disappointed with a skin, the best way to address that is to tell Riot what you would have *wanted* to see, and perhaps some details that you didn't care about (so they know where to save time = money on the development of the next one). Let's get that creativity going, eh?! (Yes, I know we haven't seen the skin in action yet. It's a balancing act between getting your thread out early and actually having info, isn't it? :P) EDIT: Finally watched the dev diary, and there's a great explanation in there for how/why the skin turned out the way it did. Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts on the thread; I hope this is a good place for Riot to get feedback if they come looking for it! :)

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