Prediction about the incoming massive event (spoiler ?)

[]( > **I C A T H I A** The pbe-lore update have finally placed Zilean somewhere And that alone means that the lore rioters know what they are doing This means that,** the lore is ready **, Riot know what's coming Last time i checked it was like : > [DISCLAIMER: Despite putting ZIlean here at the top, it’s just to have a cool starting image. I don’t have a proper place for him in this timeline. Sorry Zilean; I’m still trying to figure this, and your lore hasn’t been updated yet.]( how i see the coming events : - the lore of **some champions** is being connected to Icathia _(Zilean , Jax, etc)_ - Icathia is going to be introduced as** a new region on the universe website** - Icathia will get an identifiable [aesthetic]( - Icathia will soon bring **a new icathian champion ** - Icathia's lore will explain us that the **big void portal is still active **and dangerous - Icathians are **slightly different than humans** _(Zilean have elf ears, Jax was never confirmed human)_ And that** Icathia will be the epicenter **of Runeterra's void invasion _(Helped by the tunnels of Rek'Sai , the knowledge of Vel'Koz , etc)_ Targon will fight as much as they can this void Invasion As a bonus i also expect **[Icathian themed skins](** to come out _(just ike the Shuriman event) _ Maybe this event will be as big as a Bilgewater or Shuriman event Riot said they didnt want to do these kind of things But they broke their previous rules _**"to not continue legendary skinline"**_ And now we have sweet skins like **Pulsefire Caitlyn** and an **Omega Squad team** _( If you disagree, feel free to give me your interpretation of what that "big change" might be )_
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