Theory about new support, Bandle City and their skills

The new video roadmap (btw the video format is pretty great ty) gave us some pretty exiting stuff. Morde rework, some K&M visuals. And there was some information about new **whimsical** support. I want to talk about the new support and I have a small (hehe) theory. Firstly, about the **skills**. So, I think new league supp will use one Dawngate mechanic. Dawngate had one champion (shaper) called Mina with absolutely interesting mechanic. Mina as support could embody or **attach** herself to other hero, that would give that hero a shield that will grow with time. She could use some skills out of the hero she embodies. And could jump out of the hero to lay a hard cc on enemies. I think our next supp will do exactly that. If you want visuals for Mina [here they are]( . In all past roadmaps Riot or Reav3 gave us teasers about next champions. Now, in this video you can clearly see and hear that Reav3 show importance of "_to get **attached** to_". That gave me the idea. Also, Mina's ability would work interestingly with enchanter support playstyle. Now, about the **lore**. I think new support will be from Bandle city, two clues: 1. I think not everyone noticed, but Reav3 said "_**purr**-fect opportuntiy_". I think he hinted that the new champion will be somewhat furry. And what can be more furry than a yordle? 2. We all know that in 2019 there will be Bandle CIty lore that was heavily teased. But I don't remember Riot introducing lore for a whole faction without major champion stuff with it, such as new champion or rework. There are no yordle rework on horizon, and we all know the rework's BIG SIX ({{champion:36}} , {{champion:106}} , {{champion:56}} , {{champion:80}} , {{champion:9}} , {{champion:77}} ). Those guys will likely be our next 6 VGUs or reworks. So new Bandle City stuff must be from new champion. 3. Use of "**whimsical** support" I think it would be hairy yordle (like Heim) because we already have 1 hairless yordle support as Lulu. To distinguish these sups, I think they'll make new supp hairy. About male or female: eh, I don't know. There are good reasons for both sides: * Male yordle would be more distinguished from Lulu, also we have little male enchanters, also all of hairy yordels are male. * Female yordle would be great opportunity on that Great Old Momma Healer that everyone wants. About personality: I think Riot will try to find one main thing in personality. Nowadays Riot in perconality use not things like "caring" if we talk about supports, but rather one main trait like Neeko is "curious". I think we should await something simmiliar, like champion whose theme is built upon a single trait. About lore: Bandle City now is one big mystery so no clue. Also, I think use of _**"by the book"**_ in the video was important. But I can not think of anything that phrase could mean. But I feel like it's really important. I feel like that nex support will be a cool champion. Can't wait. Thanks for reading, sorry for bad English. :)
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