The Last Varus Post, and Why The Retcon Still Matters

The Lost Lore of Varus
Discussing the League of Legends lore retcon pertaining to the character Varus. Sources: ...
So I've been working on this on and off since for over a year, since Day 1 of the retcon. If you're currently rolling your eyes that this is YET ANOTHER post about Varus, especially when today's hot topic is regarding Kayle and Morgana please hear me out. I'm talking significantly about Varus, but you can replace many of the nouns with some of your favorite characters who've undergone their own retcons. I firmly believe this video is pertinent to all fans of all lore in League, and for what it's worth I'm super proud of it. Kayle and Morgana are just the most recent expression of the phenomenon I describe in the latter third of this video.
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