[Discussion]: SLC- Ups and Downs

Saved Login Credentials Coming Soon | League of Legends
Starting soon on the PBE and then rolling out worldwide, League will be updated to include saved login credentials. This comes with a redesigned login flow that allows you to skip the login screen most of the time if you store your username and password.
So recently, it was announced that Riot will be giving the players the ability to save their Login Credentials. This way they can skip the login screeb completely & open up the League Client immediately. Unfortunately, this means the animated Login Screens will likely become a thing of the past, it was even stated that the Login screens will consist of _**Static Images & No Backround music**_. However I do see there being an Upside to the loss of Animated Login Screens. _**"This change also frees up the art and music teams to put more time into other exciting projects."**_ -HollanderCooper Since the removal of the Login screen will free up the Art & Sound Teams time, we might start seeing newer content such as Splashart Updates & possibly New Cinematics (on par with that of New Dawn). What do you guys think? Would this be a fair trade-off for the login screens?
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