Blood Moon Horror Story: Through the eyes of the victim - League of Legends

Blood Moon Horror Story: Through the eyes of the victim - League of Legends
This story is the depiction of one of the blood moon periods through the eyes of the victim, present during its occurrence. This story is aimed to bring you the identity of the blood moon cult, its inner hierarchy, leaders and demons and represent them in an exciting and engaging way.
I hope you enjoy my latest video. It is based on the Blood Moon universe, and it's a different approach to bring out the fierceness and soul of the Blood Moon cult. I thought of doing a standard video showcasing their facts, but I had an idea to make it a more engaging experience and to let the viewer learn about the Blood Moon lore through an engaging and chilling scenario, where one of the victims tells their story. Based on the official lore, this very much fits in with the behaviour of the Blood Moon cultists and demons, to shed blood in such a manner. I highly recommend headphones during this short little adventure, as the ambient sounds, music and narration are done in such a way that it's best to listen to them in a quiet setting. This is by far my favourite video I've created as it doesn't only hold elements of existing lore, but extends it a bit, allowing me to experiment with ideas on how to bring the characters to life even further. I hope you enjoy, and do let me know what you think!
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